Rethink Your Approach to Win at Digital Transformation

    5 Tips for IT Companies
    Many organizations aspire to succeed in digital transformations. While its benefits have already proven to be worth making efforts, the process turns out to be harder than it seemed at first sight.

    For instance, according to the latest McKinsey research, less than one-fifth of the surveyed companies have successfully improved performance as part of their digital transformations and managed to preserve sustainable results in the long term.

    Having worked with the largest IT vendors and system integrators for several years, Tech Global outlined five useful tips for IT companies to help you win at digital transformation along with your B2B or B2G clients.
    1. Help your client to define objectives

    As an experienced system integrator or IT consulting firm, you have already gained expertise in organizational change. Since it might be your client's first digital transformation project, they could benefit from your guidance and knowledge of industry best practices.

    There are tangible benefits for both sides: with clearly defined objectives you eliminate unnecessary work and ensure that your client would not get frustrated.

    2. Involve a reliable partner

    As clients thoroughly evaluate risks before investing, you could prove yourself as a reliable vendor by involving valuable partners in the project. When committed to a common goal and sharing risks, you would be more likely to succeed as a team. Furthermore, an international unit that emerges as part of such partnership may have access to world-leading technologies, resources, and knowledge.

    If you cooperate with a partner that works with large financial institutions, you may also get entitled to various project financing instruments.

    3. Cultivate new culture inside

    McKinsey's research has found out that digital transformations require significant changes in culture and behavior within the organization. In other words, if you implement a modern digital project by changing legacy IT systems, you have to ensure that employees are empowered to work in new ways, namely have the necessary skills and mindset.

    To this end, you could enable knowledge transfer through a series of workshops for employees or even offer a tailored educational program in collaboration with a top university.

    By the way, you would always stay on top of digital transformation and understand your clients better if you place innovative culture at the core of your own company as well.

    4. Account for local specificities

    As technological landscapes differ from country to country, make sure there are no gaps between your transformation strategy and available technologies.

    For instance, while 5G development is still on a debate in some countries, South Korea has already deployed the networks. This opens up new pathways for using IoT solutions. On the other hand, if there are only 3G networks available, allow for it when developing your services.

    Similarly, some countries have abundant cloud technologies, so it is possible to get the most out of using them. In other countries, there may be no cloud services available whilst governments require that data is localized. In this case, you would deploy a private cloud or run your project on-premise.

    You may facilitate change further if you take into account even the tiniest details like information consumption habits. For example, as is well known, there is a whole variety of messengers available, so make sure you choose the country's most popular one as the end customer communication channel.

    5. Preserve all gained competencies at any cost

    You must be prepared for a long haul as digital transformations may last a year or even longer. Moreover, you certainly want to save gained expertise, as you may need it for the next project. There is no secret that employees leave and take away their knowledge. In order to preserve all gained competences at any cost, make sure you provide for a solution to keep all necessary information, for example, JIRA or Confluence.

    About Tech Global:
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